Pre-Congress Course


Reviewing TCM articles for evidence-based synthesis

A Systematic approach

pre-Congress course (NOVEMBER 8)
This course would address the following aspects:


Module I (Systematic review on TCM – How to read it!)
(3 hours – from 14:00 to 16:30)

  • 1. What is a systematic review (SR) of articles?
  • 2. What is meta-analysis in the context of a systematic review?
  • 3. The different types of meta-analysis.
  • 4. The role of systematic reviews, with or without meta-analysis, within TCM practice (with examples).
  • 5. How to read the meta-analyses results?

Module II (Systematic review on TCM – Do it yourself!)
(3 hours – from 16:45 to 19:30)

  • 1. How to write a systematic review?
  • 2. When and how to apply meta-analysis to the results of a systematic review?
  • 3. Hands on exercises.

Addressees: TCM and Acupuncture Professionals and/or Students.

Pricing: 100 euros, 80 euros for registered entities.

How to register? Fill in the form below with your personal data as completely as possible; then scan the completed form with:

  • a) Proof of student or healthcare professional.
  • b) Proof of your association with a registered entity, if you have.
  • c) Proof of your bank transfer to the IBAN indicated on the registration form.
  • d) Send all documentation to the following email:

N.B: you will need to bring your personal computer in order to attend the practical aspect of this course.